The Awesome & Versatile Arieta

August 15, 2014, 2:17 pm, By

Orleans Street, Boston MA

Orleans Street, Boston MA

Check out the Arieta, a new favorite of the industry.

From Leotek:

“ARIETA stands for Architectural, Retrofittable, Inexpensive, Energy saving, Technology leading, Area luminaire.  The luminaire’s minimal profile creates an appealing and unobstrusive day form.  ARIETA’s value is realized both in low initial cost and lifetime energy savings over traditional HID sources, delivering an industry leading financial payback.”

Spec-lines has been enjoying the versatility and great photometry of the Arieta to design lighting layouts for streetscapes, parking lots, campuses, office complexes, and public parks.  The Arieta also makes a fantastic retrofit solution.  Take a look at the case study below from Leotek on the City of Boston.

Case Study – Boston AR18 Night